Friday, October 1, 2010

365 Days

Today is exactly 1 year i have stayed in Germany.365 days ago, i was in the airport for the first time. Going oversea for the first time, departed from my home country. Leaving behind a lot of sweet memories. Everything was in mess, and wasn't ready to leave. At one point i feel like give up to Germany, but i can't afford to give up my dream. Proceed to what i have planned, keeping the promise to myself.

October 1,2009 is the date where i flew away from Malaysia. Experiencing my 1st Autumn. For the first half of the year, i can't able to settle down. I remembered that i was in high enthusiasm during Autumn, having plenty of plans, goals and aims. I planned everything, but when winter came, all my plan failed. I was demotivated, my studies gone haywire. From attending the classes, i started to skip classes. From studying, i turned to laze around, doing nothing. Thing doesn't turn well during my winter semester. Reason? A lot! But all was just an excuse for me to be lazy!

When winter reached to the end, exams were coming. I somehow gone through 8 exams( including language and non-technical) and 1 project. I was lucky to pass all exams except Werkzeugmaschine. The failing of 1 subject really got me! From that onward, I was having phobia on failing. xD

Exam ended, Spring came. I missed the most beautiful scene of the year, the 1st month of Spring, where all the flowers blooms. Greenery scene accompanied by colourful flowers. It was amazing, but that time i was taking my language class. A private course in Dusseldorf which costed me 400 euro per month. I needed to travel all the way to Dusseldorf everyday. I was tiring because it took me about 1 hour to reach and spending another 1 hour to reach home.

When my summer semester started, i stopped the language class. Went for classes. I only have 3 classes a week. But because 2 of the classes were in the same time, so i basically only attend 2 classes weekly. This semester, i spent most of the time in library. Don't be mistaken take i actually studied in the library. Yeah, no doubt that i studied a bit, but i spent half of the time facebooking, playing online games, playing msn and watching movies. Though my productivity was low in the library, but at least better than "fermenting" and do nothing in the room.

Summer ended, exam over! All the examination results were out. I had my vacation. And now Autumn and going to start my thesis in no time. Though i don't know what i have done for the past 1 years or what i have learnt from German's life, but when i looked back on my stick note filled with my aims, goals and dreams. I realized that i actually achieved most of it! I don't know how to express the feeling. Imagine when you set your goals 1 years ago. In between, many thing happened and forgotten your goals. You go wayward! Deviated from the original plan. In the very last minute, you recalled you goal, and you got back.

Time passes really fast, i can't chase back what i missed. Right now i am appreciating what i have now.

*ps: i am back to blogging life. xD


Gratitude said...

A warm welcome back to the blogosphere.

It's mixed feelings for all who pursue their dreams overseas. We leave behind the comforts of home, but the adventurous and zestful/eager side of us wants to conquer of fears and realize our dreams.

Time does pass very quickly. I often still think I'm that fresh grad eager on the go (look who's trying to kid himself?! lolz)

Hope you'll have a better next 365days, but i'm sure you will as you've have conquered all those "lost-in-a-foreigh-land" fears by now.

I wish you well ;)

Mervin said...

haha... Ant, i think when i am back, i will have "lost in homeland" fear. xD!