Tuesday, February 1, 2011

City of Sin!

Since the July 2009 incident, where I was career assasinated and lost my 30k plus scholarship, i have lost my enthusiasm to continue my blogging life. I blogged lesser and lesser.Although it was the past, but i can't completely letting go the scar.

Forget about the past, let me continue with my blog.This time I am gonna share with you my Tour de Europe. Let me start with the City of Sin - Amsterdam. You can experience all sort of illegal stuff here legally!

Basically i love this city, not because of the prostitution or weed, but the people here. People here was basically friendly and nice. Generally people here speak Dutch, but everyone able to speak English fluently. A small city, where you can cover most of the places by foot. For the windmill, you need to go a little bit further away from the city centre.Some website said that bicycle is the best way to travel in this city.

Basically there will be few places you must go!

1) The wind mill - is the symbol of Dutch. Get an air from hectic city life with greenery. Remember to try the homemade ice cream.

2) I amsterdam - for me this is a nice spot to prove that you are in amsterdam.

3) Red light district - along the river you can see a lot of swams and ducks. Night time is the best, when all the prostitutes wearing glow-in-the-dark undies. and unique lighting everywhere.

4) Flower market- will be best time during Spring

5) Madame Tussauds - A worth going wax museum. Meet your Idol there.

6) Flower Park(Keukenhof) - This place only avaliable during Spring. Located far away from city. Very colourful and fantastic park!

7) Museums- There are few popular museum. Van Gough,Rijksmuseum, and Anne Frank House. I personally found that nothing special in those museums plus the entrance fees are quite high. Maybe because i don't know how to enjoy all the displayed drawing and not camera allowed in those museum. If you want something special, then you can go for sex museum or ertic museum.

There are few thing you should do in Amsterdam.

1) Try Holland french fries. Is famous here.

2) Take a cruise along the canal. You can see all the interesting places a long the canal.

3)If you are daring enough, you can try the weed from the weed shop.

4) If you are curious enough, then you should watch the live porn show.
5) Hop into a Chinese Restaurant at the Chinatown, a street next to red light. You will love the food there.


Gratitude said...

Blessed New Year! May all endeavours be successful this year ahead. Go to a chinese eatery and binge on lots of chinese food ;)

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